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Drum Set 1 api-edit Amp-edit RoyerWe are getting a lot of new pieces over here at the recording studio.  From high end analog mixing and mastering tools to new instruments its been quite an upgrade phase.  We just got an all new DW 5 piece maple drum set and hardware with a set of new microphones to track all of it.  Those microphones include: Royer R-121,  Sennheiser MD-421’s, a Shure Beta 52A, and a couple of Shure SM57’s.  Our racks got a hell of an upgrade when we threw in our new:  API 5500, API 2500, Manly Stereo Variable “Mu”, SSL Duality EQ’s, 500 series Lindell’s, & a Precision 8 Mic Pre-Amp to track all the new mics.  To accompany the new drums we also got our guitars a LOUD Fender Hot Rod DeVille combo tube amp.  We sport world class engineers and producers using high end gear and top notch rooms.  We are ready to take artists and bands to the next level.  Be sure to check out our website for the latest in OC Recording news.  Orange County, California’s BEST Recording Studio – The OC Recording Company